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Midsummer MADness

Trerieve Farm, Saturday June 21st 2014

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our annual community music event - the beautiful, unbroken sunshine we enjoyed throughout June kept everyone in a good mood. The only cloud came in the shape of two accidents (unconnected to the event) which saw one of our team hobbling around on crutches and another nursing a broken toe. Thankfully, the walking wounded were still able to participate and managed to put in a great shift despite their injuries - respect to Sue and Marian for valiantly battling on through the pain!

A large chunk of the population of Deviock showed up for this year’s Midsummer MADness, many of them with small children in tow. A six-month-old baby could be seen savouring the sounds of Tea Towel Tribe (better known as Mary and Andy Liddicoat) from the comfortable confines of her pram; older listeners also appreciated the duo’s performance, which included a shortened version of American Pie (only 15 verses) and an audacious Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), complete with rabble-rousing cowbell breaks. Local musical interest continued with the Deviock Community Music big band: their sunny, enthusiastic performance showed the group growing in confidence and musical sophistication, with vocalists Sarah Medway and Pat McSherry blending beautifully on classics such as Fly Me To The Moon and I’m Beginning To See The Light.

After a brief pause, the brilliant young Cornish band Grip-Like Vice took the stage and powered through a stunning performance of all-original material. The band played as if they were at Wembley Stadium: AJ Murdoch (boasting a dazzling green drum kit) and bassist Jack Chapman were solid as a rock and precise as an atomic clock, while guitarist / keyboardist John Logan played sci-fi synth parts that Dan Dare’s arch-enemy The Mekon would be proud of. Having whipped out powerful, note-perfect renditions of future hits such as ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Vendor’ and impressed with their vocal harmonies, Grip-Like Vice’s final number ‘Stan Still, Stand Still’ saw lead singer Beren Matthews leading the youthful audience through some wildly static, look-ma-no-feet dance moves which we hope will catch on in Deviock. This talented band rocks, and their excellent songs deserve a wider public.

As the long midsummer day finally waned and temperatures fell, the audience moved indoors in search of heat, most of which was being generated by The Horse Band. The majority of these highly professional, Launceston-based rockers may have been treading the boards for a decade or two, but they still pack the energy of 20-year-olds: Mike ‘Wicked Singer’ Howard prowled the stage like a man simultaneously trying to gatecrash three different parties, with Sam Peacock providing a strong musical foil and singing her heart out all night. Norman Bellis (bass) and drummer Ali Hendry were unshakable, while the well-played, rich-toned guitars of Graham Sleeman and Kevin Dillon echoed round the roof timbers and out into the valleys. The evening concluded with an epic charge through the great ‘70s rock anthem ‘Since You've Been Gone’, accompanied by some fiercely concentrated dancefloor activity. As one satisfied customer posted, “Fantastic music by The Horse Band seriously rocked the farm!”

In other news, vast quantities of roast hog were washed down with gallons of organic cider and local ale (and that was just one audience member). To celebrate hog-chef Simon Jaycock’s birthday, a special cake was commissioned in the shape of a pig’s head: it’s fair to say the pink icing looked more surreal than appetising, but nevertheless it was eagerly devoured, as was the flotilla of more conventional confectionery items brought in by our helpers.

All in all, we’re pleased to say this was another highly enjoyable community occasion; its great, friendly atmosphere was entirely due to the goodwill of those who attended, for which we’re grateful. Thanks also to all the musicians for their cheerful co-operation, Simon James and Alex Darling for brilliant stage lighting, electrician Scott Wilson, photographer Chris Bowden, gatekeepers Kim, Sarah, Sharon and Dan, all those who baked cakes and brought food, Cornish Orchards and Downderry Stores for providing cider and beer, Paul Bray of Tideford for burgers and pig for the hog roast, and the Candy family for opening up their farm and home for the event.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped prepare the barns and acted as stewards on the night, without whom Midsummer MADness would not be possible. Are we MAD enough to do it again next year? Watch this space.

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M.A.D. aims to nurture local musical talent and give young people a chance to play. Anyone can become a member, so if you would like to get involved please contact Marian or Jim Candy at, tel. 01503 250 376.

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