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Saturday June 16th 2012 - Midsummer MADness
Trerieve Farm, 7pm - midnight.

Music Around Deviock would like to thank everyone who attended our Midsummer MADness event at Trerieve Farm on June 16th 2012 and made it such a rip-roaring success. Despite iffy weather earlier in the day, people made the effort to come along and were rewarded by evening blue skies. There was a very good turn-out and the music, food and drink were consumed in a great, friendly atmosphere. We were particularly struck by how many families attended, and happy to see children and adults alike enjoying each other's company - it's heartening to see the famous Deviock community spirit in action!

This year a record number of musicians (40 in all) put in excellent performances and really entered into the spirit of the event. Local rising star Lucia Carloss impressed with her passionate, committed vocals - with Andy Liddicoat on bass providing a beautifully warm and solid foundation, the duo played their serious material with a smile on their faces. Our very own Deviock Community Music Orchestra turned in an enjoyable 60-minute set which showed off several new tunes, including an atmospheric 'marine medley' featuring a haunting 'The Drunken Sailor' with Biddy Daniel shining on violin.

As night fell, Banana Thieves raised the temperature with a terrific set of pop/ska covers - highlights included a manic belt through 'Tears of a Clown' and lead singer Rob Sporle's intense workout on James Brown's 'Sex Machine'. The crowd loved them. More great music was to come: topping this year's bill were the fabulous Jessica and the Rabbits, who played their soulful, eclectic set with fantastic unflagging energy, led by a tight, polished horn front line and Tamsin Easterbrook's assured vocals. The audience, by now a swaying, seething mass of bodies, went absolutely bonkers and didn't want the band to stop, demonstrating that these particular Rabbits will always be welcome at the farm... as will all the talented musicians who played that night.

M.A.D. would also like to say a big, heartfelt thank-you to all the volunteers and contributors who worked so hard to make the event happen. Your efforts and enthusiasm are much appreciated!

Saturday March 24th 2012 - Silent Film with Live Music
Downderry Chapel, 7.30pm (high tea served at 7pm)
Another great event organised by our friends Helen & Hugo, to whom thanks!

A screening of E.A. Dupont's 'Piccadilly' (1929) with live music. For three magical hours, an audience sporting flapper dresses, feather boas and other vintage chic brought the heady glamour of 1920s London back to life in the somewhat improbable location of a SE Cornwall seaside village. Dupont's classic silent film was accompanied by imaginative, highly diverse and well-played score by Wurlitza, drawing on a wide range of musical styles.

Friday February 3rd 2012 - Take Me To Hollywood by Scandimaniacs
Working Men's Club, Downderry
Organised by Helen Thomas and Hugo de Rijke.

Two-person theatre company Scandimaniacs entertained a packed WMC with their combination of physical theatre, musical parody and improvisation. The sharp-witted Swedish duo got the whole audience (including some entranced children in the front row) involved in their Take Me To Hollywood show and went down a storm, confirming that they are not only the "second best band in the world" but also somewhere near the top of the list of Downderry's favourite acts.

Sunday 20th November 2011 - DCM birthday party
Working Men’s Club, Downderry, 1pm - 3pm.

A lunchtime concert to celebrate Deviock Community Music's first anniversary. The 26-strong band performed a full programme of live music, while Music Around Deviock volunteers provided food and beverages. This fund-raising event was a great success, with profits ploughed back into the band's coffers to help cover next year’s insurance costs, various items of small equipment, professional fees (orchestrations, etc.) and possible future CD/DVD production costs. DCM wishes to formally thank M.A.D. for its kindness and support throughout DCM's first year of existence.

Follow this YouTube link to hear recent recordings of DCM's performances.

Saturday June 18th 2011 - A MADsummer Night's Dream
Trerieve Farm, 7pm - midnight.

This year we managed to avoid clashing with major sporting fixtures and monsoons, resulting in a good turnout. Once again the people of Deviock showed that they know how to enjoy themselves - there was a great family atmosphere, with roast hog, local ales (selected by the beer committee after many hours of intense deliberation), Cornish Orchards* organic cider, home-grown cakes and most importantly, some great music, all consumed in good cheer. To the relief of his wife, M.A.D. chairman Jim Candy donated his beard to charity (the rest of him was allowed to stay at home). The sponsored beard-shearing, loudly conducted by guest MC Nigel Jones, raised £150 for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute and Shelterbox charities. Thanks to all who contributed their hard-earned cash to these deserving causes.

(*Gratuitous product placement, sorry.)

With all four bands hailing from the area, the spirit and commitment that drive our local music scene were clearly on view tonight. Deviock Community Music orchestra get better every time we see them - the 25-piece ensemble swung through a new set which ranged from a wistful arrangement of Dylan's 'Wagon Wheel' to the carefree, brass-driven blast of 'Louie Louie'. As ever, the careful playing of the woodwinds and violin provided a subtle contrast to the electric instruments; drummer Sean O'Neil was at his unpredictable best, contributing one incendiary moment on a par with the late Keith Moon’s antics. Growing in tightness and musical ambition, DCM are a local success story.

Up on the main stage, Susan and Guy Carleton's Out Of The Box quartet gave us an enjoyable taste of their lively and atmospheric original material, including a surprising quote from Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'. Backed by some deft, melodic fiddle playing and a driving bass and kick drum rhythm section (the latter courtesy of Sue's right foot), the Carleton vocals sounded strong and beautifully blended throughout, with 'Tick Tock' a particular standout. Next up were Risky Business, led by DCM's indefatigable MD Martin Entwistle and fronted by the powerful vocals of Tracy Clements and a new horn section. The seven-piece band seized the moment and stormed through a tight, polished set of pop covers, causing Deviock's finest movers - and many others besides - to get up on their feet.

As darkness fell, headliners Freshly Squeezed turned in a performance so irresistibly funky that hordes of Afro-haired badgers were seen stampeding in the lanes round Trerieve. This was musicianship on a level rarely seen in local bands, spearheaded by razor-sharp horn syncopations, a virtuoso solo by bassist Matt Brooks and the mellow, soulful and pitch-perfect voice of singer Myron Riley, who led the audience in an enjoyable series of chants and singalongs. Combining showmanship with great musical skill, Freshly's set was obviously the culmination of many hours of rehearsal, and the audience loved it. Guitarist Alik Peters-Deacon should be proud of his hard-working band, and Music Around Deviock highly recommend them to other promoters.

Thanks to these musicians, and to our volunteers (unpaid but much-appreciated!) who helped make our summer 2011 event a success.

Jim Candy (M.A.D. chairman)
Trerieve Farm

Tel. 01503 250 376

Friday March 11th 2011 - Concert *
Downderry Working Men's Club, 7.30pm

Three bands, each with their own distinctive sound: This Is The Kit (captivating Paris-based acoustic duo led by vocalist Kate Stables), reflective songs from rock trio Morning Star and the triumphant return of the Deviock Community Music orchestra.

(* Promoted by Sean O'Neil, refreshments by M.A.D.)

Sunday January 16th 2011 - Jazz Lunch
Downderry Working Men's Club, 12 noon - 2pm

Featuring The Fabulous Maker Boys, Risky Business and the debut of our very own Deviock Community Music group. (Read the gig review by Gerry Glynn here.)

Saturday June 12th 2010 - Live music event at Trerieve Farm

FIFA did not consult with us before the World Cup fixture list was announced, so there was an unfortunate clash with England’s opening game at this year’s Music Around Deviock (M.A.D.) event at Trerieve Farm. This resulted in a lower attendance than usual, but those who came had a great night out, devouring the hog roast, freshly caught mackerel in pitta bread from the fish bar and several gallons of real ale and Cornish Orchards cider. So at least those long-suffering souls who watched England’s “performance” against the USA on our big screen TV were able to drown their sorrows in style!

This year's music bill featured four acts on two stages, covering everything from vintage jazz-blues to party pop. First up was Crafthole musician Tom Nicholas, a strong, confident and expressive singer-songwriter, performing a mix of originals and contemporary covers. Acoustic duo Peter Bennett and Andrew Perry put a new slant on old standards - hearing Perry's liquid slide guitar intuitively weaving around Bennett's soulful vocals, it was hard to believe this was the duo's first gig together. Representing the cream of young Cornish bands (but without the clotting), Ape's quintessential rock energy shook the rafters, singer Jay Furze's vocals soaring tunefully over the blazing guitar riffs and thunderous rhythm section.

When Kiss This took the stage spirits were high: building on their enjoyable performance at last year's event, the Exeter five-piece turned in a polished performance of funked-up, high-energy '80s & '90s covers. One highlight was guitarist Big Norm's searing solo on 'Oh Sharona', which whipped up the excitement levels to the point where a group of young dancers spontaneously formed themselves into a human whirlpool (an updated version of the maypole dance?).

I would like to thank these performers and all the other volunteers, both the usual stalwarts and committee members, and also the members of the Whitsand Bay Surf Club, Turning Tide and others who helped for the first time and generously gave their time and energy to make our M.A.D. summer 2010 event a success. Finally I would like to thank everyone who came along to support us, see you all again next year if we are MAD enough to do it all again!

Jim Candy (M.A.D. chairman)
Trerieve Farm

We are proud to support Deviock Community Music - click here to read DCM's news.

We always need volunteers to help with M.A.D. events, so if you would like to get involved please contact Marian or Jim Candy at, tel. 01503 250 376.

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